Certified Partner

Accelerate Business Solutions

Mumbai, India


Crownpeak Products

  • Digital Experience Platform (DX)
  • Digital Quality (DQ)
  • Digital Governance (DG)

Locations Served

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Europe
  • Middle East / Africa
  • Asia - Pacific

Strategic Services

  • Crownpeak Architecture / Developer / Implementation
  • Content Quality (SEO, Accessibility, etc.)
  • eCommerce
  • Data Governance / Consent Management
  • Systems Integrations

About Accelerate Business Solutions

Accelerate Business Solutions is a Digital Technology Services company based in Mumbai, India - providing world class Crownpeak Consulting and Implementation services, having delivered 200+ digital projects on the Crownpeak platform.

Highly experienced in building enterprise grade experiences across different touch points like web, voice and mobile by Crownpeak Certified Developers.

Service Offerings using the Crowpeak solution:

a) Full stack Microsoft and Node based capabilities

b) SFDC / Marketo integrations

c) Frontend builds using React, Angular and Blazor

d) Multilingual Sites

e) Custom Chatbots

f) Alexa Skills

g) Cognitive Applications

h) WCAG Accessibility Testing

i) Third-party API Integrations


Voice Applications

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